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Coin slot stuck in the in position....coin stuck in slot ... you need to take the coin slot apart take pictures as you go to put back together the parts to change amount are hidden inside it in hidden compartment if they wheren't removed by some one. your machine didn't come with the coin mech so if you don't have the parts you will need to take it with you to the parts house to get right parts. open the top of the coin mech box there are 2 long rod ... Fixing a Jammed Coin-Operated Washer | i bought a duplex (!) Fixing a Jammed Coin-Operated Washer. Perhaps my decision to purchase a coin-operated washer is coming back to bite me. I was out of town all weekend, and came back to a note on my door, saying that the coin slot on the washing machine was jammed, and wouldn’t turn on the washing machine, or pull out. The tenants said that they put in the ... How to Fix a Jammed Coin Slot on a Commercial Washer Put another coin into the slot and attempt to use this action to dislodge the stuck coin. Slap the side of the machine where the coin slot is located to get the coin to move. Place a piece of wood or something to protect the finish of the machine and tap on the wood with a hammer to unjam the coin. DIY Fix-it Guide for a Jammed Coin-Operated Washer

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DIY Fix-it Guide for a Jammed Coin-Operated Washer In an ideal world, the stuck coin may fall out of the chute by just pressing the coin return button but you’re reading this so we guess that didn’t work. Use tweezers to reach into the coin slot. See if you can grasp the coin and pull it out. Chances are someone has already slapped the side of the machine where the coin slot is located.

Coin washers are often inconvenient since most of them will only accept quarters, requiring you to have the proper change handy prior to running a load unless a change machine is on the premises.A stuck coin can completely disrupt a washing machine. Step 1. Push the coin return button.

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Washing machine - Wikipedia A washing machine ( laundry machine, clothes washer, or washer) is a device used to wash laundry. The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning (which uses alternative cleaning fluids, and is performed by … Jammed coin slot washing machine DIY Fix-it Guide for a Jammed Whether the cause of the jam is a damaged coin or a worn out slide mechanism, remedying the problem can be easy if you know how to take the machine apart to get to the stuck coin. Inepro - timer & coin-op machines Inepro, gespecialiseerd in chipkaartsystemen waar het contante geld uit de organisatie dient te worden gehaald. bespaar tot 50% op uw huidige kosten.

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Definition of slot - a long, narrow aperture or slit in a machine for something to be inserted, an allotted place in an arrangement or scheme such as a The history of the washing machine - YouTube